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1. The Chicken

Human beings must be mad!
They must be bored and lonely.
There’s so much to dis­cuss and yet
they seem to want to only

chat about the street I crossed
and won­der what pos­sessed me.
I guess it’s bet­ter that they talk
about me than digest me.

2. The Fire­man

I’m sick of peo­ple ask­ing me
about my red sus­penders.
For me the ques­tion tops the list
of con­ver­sa­tion enders.

But if you want to guar­an­tee
a con­ver­sa­tion stopped,
just say I stuck my feet in flames
to see my corns get popped.

3. The Ele­phant

Can you tell time? Then tell me this:
What time is it when I
stretch out to lounge upon a fence
and gaze up at the sky?

You think it’s time to fix the fence?
No, my friend, you’re wrong.
I gave up peanuts, lost a ton.
Besides, the fence is strong.

It can be any time at all.
There’s no way you can tell.
I love to watch the sky by day
but mid­night works as well.

(orig­i­nally pub­lished in Light Quarterly)