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1. The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in the wood.
Con­fused for a moment I stood
and mut­tered an oath.
I could not take both,
but damn how I wished that I could!

2. Stop­ping by the Woods

Whose woods? I sus­pect, but don’t know.
I’d like to lie down in the snow
and per­ish right here.
But my horse thinks it queer,
And he’s right. I’ve got miles to go.

3. Out! Out!

The saw cut the boy and he bled.
Please save my hand,” the boy said.
The boy, alas, died,
and every­one cried,
but briefly, since they were not dead.

4. Birches

I bend the tree down, gain­ing pur­chase,
then ride the tree up when it lurches,
then back in reverse.
A boy could do worse
than being a swinger of birches.

(orig­i­nally pub­lished in Light Quar­terly)