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A. PORSCHE (19352012), designer of the Porsche 911

When Porsche first designed his car, he clev­erly employed
The insights he had gar­nered from the works of Sig­mund Freud.
A car, as Porsche under­stood, was out­wardly metal­lic,
But in the heart of man it was organic flesh, and phal­lic.

And so he built it long and strong, he built it fast and loud,
To make the rich unmanly man feel pow­er­fully endowed.
Though Freud had said that now and then cig­ars are just cig­ars,
Fer­di­nand, the busi­ness­man, knew cars are not just cars.

(orig­i­nally pub­lished in the Wash­ing­ton Post)